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About Me


My goal is to help women unleash their true potential by discovering, recognizing, honoring, and bringing their gifts and talents to life through setting healthy boundaries. This also includes loving their friends and family exceptionally well. Every woman deserves to know deep in her soul that she can pursue her dreams while still being able to love those around her.

This can be you.

Here's my story...

Growing up, I had a happy and enjoyable childhood filled with love, but I always felt average. Eleven years ago, I realized that I didn't want to settle for a mediocre life anymore. I wanted to live a life filled with purpose and energy. So, I made the decision to go back to school and pursue a Business degree, which was the first step of my journey towards where I am today.

One of the most important parts of my journey was building relationships with people who would uplift, support, and challenge me to be my best self. These people have become mentors in my life and have helped me achieve greater fulfillment in my roles as a wife, daughter, and friend.

I live with my husband, Dave, in a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska. Our mutual love for experiencing what the world has to offer drives our desire to travel to other areas of the country and the world in the future.

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