About Me

My mission is to create a safe and judgment free space for clients to uncover what's stopping them from achieving ALL their goals! 

My childhood was easy-going, enjoyable, and full of laughter. Although I was surrounded by love, I always felt very average. Eleven years ago, I came to the realization that I no longer wanted to settle for mediocrity. I wanted to live a life infused by energy and purpose. With this realization, I decided to go back to school and obtain a Business degree, which was the first step of the journey to where I am today.

One of the most important elements of my journey to living a more purposeful and empowered life was building relationships with people who would lift me up, support me, and hold me to high standards.  These people fulfill mentorship roles in my life and always push me to be the best I can possibly be. This has led me to take more control of my life, and has helped me to achieve greater fulfillment in my roles as a wife, daughter, and a friend. 

I live in a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska with my husband, Dave-- the love of my life.  At some point in the future, we aspire to have the freedom to travel to other areas of the country and the world. Our desire to travel is fed by our mutual love of experiencing what the world has to offer.