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Private 1:1 coaching with Jen Anderson

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You're here because you are excited to make yourself a priority!  

I'm so honored to support you in bringing this vision to life!  Because I've been there too!

I spent 20-plus years looking for the "thing" that made me whole.  

Looking for something or someone to give my life value or meaning.  

What I didn't realize at the time, was that I held the key to my own value in life. 

I was the only one who could make me whole.

I believed other people's "truths" about me when I was growing up, and I never took the time to learn my own.  

I didn't know they could be wrong. 

I lived in a very black and white world, things were either right or wrong; there was no middle ground.  

I was not a child who questioned authority or really anyone for any reason. 

I learned early on that I wasn't as smart as others and they always knew better than me.  

I learned to just accept what was. 

Thankfully, as I got older, I had a few people in my life who started to point out to me all the amazing things I am capable of doing and was already doing on a regular basis.  

I started to actually hear them, accept what they were saying, and finally, I believed the same for myself.  

I created a life for myself where I have confidence and self-worth, where I learned to set healthy boundaries and put most of my people-pleasing tendencies aside, and I started cultivating better relationships.  

I no longer feel the need to keep people in my life who don't serve me as a person and also allow me to serve them.  

Relationships are never one-way streets! 

I learned so much about who I am as a person and who I still want to become. 

If I can do this for myself, I can also serve you by helping you do the same!  


Who my 1:1 coaching is for:

  • You’ve been a caregiver for so long you've forgotten about your own dreams or put them on the back burner and now you’re ready to discover what you truly want.

  • You’re tired of always feeling like you have to do everything for everyone else and you’ve decided NOW it’s your turn.  

  • Deep down you know your own worth and now you are ready to let your worth shine through in all you do. This could be standing up for yourself at work when you know you are right in asking for what you need.  It could also look like allowing yourself to change your mind if you feel like what you have committed to isn’t right for you.  

  • You don’t know who you are without your identity being wrapped around “mom” but you are ready to find out. 

  • You are over second-guessing everything you do or want to do.  You haven’t trusted yourself in the past but now you are ready to trust yourself and step out of your comfort zone! You might be ready to go on that blind date or it could even be so simple as putting on an outfit and not asking anyone else’s opinion, just go out and be confident that you know what looks amazing on you. 

  • You are tired of not always listening to your body’s need for self-care, and you are ready to become more intentional about coming up with a morning or evening self-care ritual to support YOU.


You're so ready to experience

Joy & Excitement Again

You love being a caretaker and taking care of your family is a true blessing.  However, you have other desires too. You are ready to take a leap and start creating more joy and excitement for yourself!

Better Relationships

Following through on putting yourself first, building confidence, and setting better boundaries will ultimately lead to better relationships in your life! You will create a desire for all things amazing.  

What it feels like to truly LOVE yourself again

You are done letting others call the shots on how you feel.  

You are ready to put yourself first and remember what it feels like to be totally in love with the woman you are! 

Self-worth in all AREAS

Knowing that every day when you wake up, you are ready to face whatever obstacles are in front of you!  You are ready to receive all the blessings each day will bring you because you are worthy and you deserve them! 

This is my vision for you & what is possible working together...

Feeling confident & worthy in who you are and where you are going in life

You know what you learning to dream again 

Gain tools to help you overcome fear, anxiety, & stress

Spend more time in JOY

Create healthy boundaries that serve you & eliminate ones no longer serving you 

Trusting yourself 

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This private 1:1 coaching program is an intimate & sacred space reserved for the women who are ready to go ALL IN! 

You are so ready to commit to yourself because you KNOW you are WORTHY! 

You are an action-taker and know that doing is the only way to make change in your life. 

You are so over procrastinating and waiting for things to happen for you ... it's time for you to make things happen!

You are ready to step into your next level YOU! 

You're deeply committed to your success and know that if I can do it, so can you. 

You resonate with me, my story, and my content, and you know that I'm the coach to support you as you step into your next level. 

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Syble H. 

"I always walk away from coaching sessions feeling empowered, and I love the accountability provided.  I have found my self-growth and healing being more consistent and sustainable than ever before.   I have gained skills in positive reframing, meditation, self-love, anxiety management, and so much more."


Michcaela F.

"Jen has been so amazing and I have seen big changes within my life. We have worked on all sorts of areas of my life from self-confidence to stress and anxiety to health and wellness. She's such a wealth of knowledge and she deeply cares about her client's success. If you're unsure about starting coaching, send her a message and she will answer any questions you could possibly have!"


Lisa A.

“Working with Jen helped me get my goals in check and make progress on them.  She made things easy and put them into small achievable bits so they weren’t so daunting.  I love the accountability that comes with this program too, I knew what to do, but sometimes making it happen is the real challenge and Jen kept me going and reminds me of what I am working towards.“

What others have said...

What's included in this experience:

13 Private 1:1 calls with me

During our Zoom calls we will work together to clarify your dreams & goals, create actionable steps to make them happen, and discover what boundaries need to be in place to continue your self-growth.

Daily 1:1 Voice/Text Messaging access on Voxer

This is the best part of can send me questions, celebrate your wins, or share with me what is currently, at the moment going on for you.  This is the space where you will receive daily coaching and conversation from me for added support and accountability between our coaching sessions.  I respond to Voxer messages 2-3 times daily M-F. 

Self-Care tips & tools

Access to all of my self-care tips and tools, such as workbooks, journal prompts, meditations, and so much more, to create a habit of putting yourself first and making self-care a priority.  


  • Shared Google Drive with recordings of calls & bonus topics as needed

  • Access to my courses during our time together

  • Welcome Gift

The Investment

4-month minimum Commitment

$700/month or $377 twice a month

Are you feeling the inner knowing that this is your next step?

1:1 coaching and mentorship is something deeply special to me.  

It's the deepest honor of my life to hold this space for my clients.  Their fears. Their desires.  Their vision for what's possible.  

I truly believe that the women who say "yes" to this space and "yes" to themselves are forever changed by this program.  

I believe that the lessons and wisdom you gain from this will carry you through the rest of your life. 

Are you ready?


What's Next:

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Your next step is to submit an application!

Because this program is so intimate, it's important to make sure we're a good fit to work together!  I only work with clients who I know for sure I can help.  

Submit your application below and I'll be in touch within 24 hours via email.  If we're a good fit, I'll send the contract and invoice and we will get started right away.  

I'm celebrating you for taking this chance on yourself and applying for something that has the potential to change your life!  I can't wait to meet you!! 

P.S.  If you have any questions or want to chat in the DM's beforehand, feel free to message me on FB or IG @thankfulheartscoaching or via email at

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