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My Courses


Available Online Courses:

"Overcome Self-Doubt & Crush Your Goals"

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Learn how to change your story

  • Create Empowering new beliefs

"Be Your Authentic Self"

  • Deeper Self-Awareness

  • Build your self esteem

  • Embrace your individuality

"Conquer Your Goals" 

  • Decide what you really want and what will serve you

  • Create a system and a strategy

  • Work hard, not perfectly 

  • Reap the rewards

"Be A Good Leader"

  • Learn empowering ways to be the leader you want to be

  • Leader vs Boss

  • Hone and sharpen your skills


Courses can be used on their own (and at your own pace) or in conjunction with my coaching services.

Success Stories

Five Starts and two Thumbs up

This was a great course! (Overcome Self-Doubt & Crush Your Goals) I am a single parent of two boys and a business owner so time can be an issue.  This course was easy to break down into part.  I never felt overwhelmed and the journey was eye opening!  I have already begun the work laid out in the course and plan to maintain it!  Thank you Jennifer!


--Jessica McKillip

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