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25 Journal Prompts to Help You Grow and Flourish This Fall

Whether you call it Fall or Autumn, one thing is for certain – this is a magical time of year. It is not only beautiful outside, and cozy inside, but there is also this feeling of growth and abundance. Many people work on their own personal growth during the fall season, focusing on personal development and flourishing in different areas of their life.

If this is something you would also like to do, I recommend journaling for this purpose. Journaling is a wonderful practice that I will continue recommending for absolutely everyone. It offers you so much clarity and introspection, allows you to learn more about yourself, and helps you make difficult choices in your life.

Why Journal in the Fall?

I recommend journaling year-round, but why is fall such a good time for this practice specifically? Because in the fall, you are already in the mindset of growth and abundance. Fall is such an interesting time of year, because you both want to slow down and simplify your life, focusing on making your life cozy and comfortable. But you also have the feeling of a fresh start, where you are focusing on growth and expansion in your life.

Together, they make for so many opportunities to really flourish and transform your life. This is why journaling is the perfect practice for the season, because it further helps you not only be more mindful and focus on what matters the most to you, but it also helps you with your personal growth goals.

With just a daily journal entry, whether you use journal prompts as listed below or freestyle your journaling, you can find more clarity about yourself and yourself, and make self-reflection a goal for the season.

What Keeps You from Journaling Consistently

Before I get into the journal prompts for fall, let’s take a minute to discuss why it might be hard to journal consistently. If you are coming to this post, I assume that you are struggling keeping up with journaling, and that is why you are hoping to find some inspiration for the fall. Or you just love journal prompts and you are going to skip down to those…which is totally fine too! 😊

So, why is it so hard to journal consistently? There is not one simple answer, but it often comes down to what you are expecting from journaling and how you are going about it. Here are some common reasons why it can be hard to keep up with a journaling practice:

You are expecting too much. While journaling is an amazing and beneficial practice, it can’t transform your life if you don’t also put in the work. Think of journaling as the way to set your goals and intentions, before you choose how to take action to change your life. It can’t take the action for you. If you put too many expectations on it, it will be hard to keep up with because you aren’t seeing those changes.

You don’t turn it into a habit. Like any habit, it takes more than a couple times to make it part of your routine. Think of any new habit you tried, the ones you stuck to you probably made a commitment to do them for a certain number of days in a row and it might have taken weeks before you realized you were doing it without even being conscious of it. The same is said of a new journaling habit. Put it on your schedule and dedicate at least 21 days in a row to it before you decide it isn’t for you.

You don’t know what to write about. This is where journal prompts come in! It is exactly why I like to offer journal prompts on different topics because often times, you simply don’t know what you want to write about. Journal prompts give you a subject or a topic, where you are simply answering a question or being told what to write about. This makes it so much easier to keep up with your journaling practice.

You create too many rules for yourself. Lastly, make sure you don’t have rules for yourself as far as how you write or how much. Some days, you will have nothing more than a paragraph to journal, and other days it will feel like the words are flowing for pages and pages. Allow yourself the freedom to journal whatever is on your mind, with no rules about spelling or grammar, and not forcing yourself to write a certain amount.

Using Journal Prompts

Today, you are going to get a list of 25 journal prompts that will help you grow and flourish in the fall season. These are meant to be simple questions and statements about fall, so that you can get into the mood and vibe of the season, and just be more reflective during this time of year.

It is up to you how you choose to use them, whether you randomly pick one, or you go in order for 25 days in a row. You might also use just a few of these prompts, then follow your intuition on the other days of the season when you are journaling and deciding what to write about.

Journal prompts are meant to inspire you, give you a direction for what to journal about, and help ask questions you might not have considered before.

25 Journal Prompts to Help You Grow and Flourish This Fall

1. What personal growth journey are you on right now?

Where are you currently in your life, and what direction are you trying to go? Explain how you are working on this during the fall season.

2. How are you adjusting your routine for the fall season?

Is anything in your daily routine changing during the fall? Explain what is changing and why.

3. How do you want to move slower this season?

Slow living is a big part of fall as many people try to simplify their lives during this time of year. Is there anything in your life you are trying to slow down?

4. What is inspiring you right now?

Do you feel inspired by anything new and different this season?

5. What is something new you want to try this season?

This might be a new hobby, a new special interest, learning something new, meeting new people, or getting out of your comfort zone. Are you looking to switch up your fall décor to something brand new, or go somewhere you have never been before?

6. List your fall goals and how you will accomplish them.

Make a list of what you hope to accomplish this season. Even if you won’t complete entire goals before winter, you can at least get started on it.

7. What are you most excited about?

Is there anything you feel super excited about right now, when thinking about fall?

8. How are you making yourself a priority this fall?

Fall is the perfect time of year to self-reflect and reassess your priorities in life. What is most important to you in this moment, and how are you putting yourself first?

9. List your favorite fall self-care activities.

Make a list of self-care activities you like to add to your routine in the fall season.

10. What hobbies do you want to incorporate into your fall routine?

Are there new hobbies you would love to make part of your fall routine?

11. What do you absolutely love about fall?

Write about what you love about the fall season, what makes you feel happy and excited this time of year.

12. What is your go-to fall outfit?

Do you have an outfit you love to wear this time of year?

13. What movies and TV shows do you love watching in the fall?

This is a fun one! Make a list of all your favorite fall and Halloween movies, TV shows, and episodes.

14. How do you like to celebrate Halloween?

A big part of fall is of course the Halloween holiday. What are some things you love to do when Halloween approaches?

15. What is an ideal day in the life for the fall season?

Write down what the perfect day in the life would be for you during the fall.

16. How do you like to spend a rainy day?

What are your favorite indoor activities for a rainy day? List them out and describe why you love them.

17. What does fall smell like to you?

Everyone has certain smells that remind them of seasons, so what are your fall scents?

18. What always puts you in the fall mood?

Describe what always puts you in that fall vibe. Is it your favorite fall beverage? When the weather cools down? The leaves changing?

19. List some of your favorite fall traditions.

Think about the traditions you have for every fall season, whether they are new traditions or you have been doing them since you were a kid.

20. What are you trying to let go of right now?

It’s time to release and let go. What do you feel like you are trying to let go of right now?

21. What strict boundaries do you have for the fall season?

Are there any personal boundaries you stick to when the fall season comes around?

22. What kinds of crafts do you like making in the fall?

Describe some of your favorite fall crafts and which ones you plan to do this year.

23. What baking will you do this season?

Have a little fun with this one! Explore baking and cooking you plan to do for the fall season.

24. What are you doing with the kids this fall?

How are you making this season extra special for your family?

25. How are you spending time alone this season?

Describe some things you will do just for yourself during the fall.

As you can see, these journal prompts are simple and straightforward. They ask simple questions that give you something to write about in your journal, but also often provide you with more clarity. A prompt as simple as asking about your favorite fall traditions can turn into an introspective journal entry about some of your favorite childhood memories and how you are carrying out these traditions, as well as why they are so important to you.

This is the magic of journaling. You start with something so simple, and end up journaling all of your hopes, dreams, wishes, and plans. It is an amazing practice with so much potential and so many ways to completely transform your life.

Setting Up Your Fall Journaling Routine

Are you ready to get started on your journaling routine this season? You have prompts to help get you started for at least 25 days of the season, and I bet these will give you so many more ideas of what to write about.

Here are some tips for creating a journaling routine this season:

Decide when you want to journal. Be realistic about what time of day a journaling practice will fit the best in your routine. This is determined by when you have a few minutes of quiet time to sit down and write, as well as when you feel like you would need this time to unleash all your thoughts and feelings on paper.

Choose a journal you love. This can make all the difference! If you are using an old notebook you can’t stand to look at with pages you don’t enjoy writing in, it will be very hard to make this a habit. While you don’t need to spend a lot of money, with less than $10, you can buy a beautiful journal you love. Try to find one that makes you feel like you want to use it and write in it every day.

Stick to it for at least 25 days. Since you have 25 prompts, I recommend setting a goal of at least 25 days of consistent journaling. If you can journal every day, that is highly encouraged, even if it’s just half a page on some days. The more you do it, the easier it will be to turn this into a regular habit.

Journaling is simply one of many habits you can start this fall that will help you be more introspective, gain clarity, and finally flourish and grow in the way you want.

Blessings & Love,

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💫 Remember, you are deserving of a life filled with joy, peace, and abundance. Start by loving yourself enough to give yourself the care you need. You deserve it, my dear ones. 💕

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