3 Tips to Starting a Mindfulness Routine

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Do you find it challenging to get into a daily mindfulness routine? Choose a time to practice everyday mindfulness to get started. The goal is to get into the habit of taking a few moments each day to be mindful. Being mindful is focusing on awareness of what is happening at that present moment.

Some of the benefits of mindfulness include reduced stress and improved general well-being. The benefits of mindfulness are feeling more confident and productive. We are better able to take care of ourselves now.

It is tough to focus on one thing for an extended time and make positive changes in your life. It takes time and effort. By reducing stress, you can achieve these results much faster.

Besides being a stress reliever, mindfulness makes you more productive and achieves goals. By practicing mindfulness, you become more aware of decisions. It can help influence how you interact with others and take care of yourself.

The benefits of mindfulness are both physical and mental.

Physical improvements include:

· Strength and endurance

· Increased focus

· A stronger immune system

· Increased energy

· Reduced body fat

· Decreased blood pressure

· Reduced stress levels

· Enhanced focus

· And more efficient use of energy

The psychological benefits include:

· Having more effective social relationships

· Less anxiety

· Better sleep

· Improved memory

But how do you get started with a mindfulness routine?

1. Set a Daily Time to Practice Mindfulness

One of the best times to practice mindfulness is in the morning when you first wake up. But some of us are so used to our routines that it is hard to choose to do something different. To get out of habits, you need to set up a series of interventions.

An intervention could be as simple as a post-it note on your bathroom mirror. It reminds you to take time for mindfulness. It could be a note on your fridge. Or it could be a well-placed picture that is a symbol of mindfulness or reminds you to practice it.

But, if you're rushing in the mornings it may not always be the best time to start a mindfulness routine. Try the afternoon if it works at a better time for you. After a few hours of focused work and lunch, our brains long for an esc