5 Character Traits of Positive People

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Positive people have a lot in common. They may not look the same, come from the same hometowns, or eat the same foods, but they do behave similarly. That’s because there are some key character traits that positive people tend to share. Here are 5 traits that most positive people have in common:

These traits are what help them maintain a proper attitude, even when things aren’t looking so good.

Let’s take a closer look at these traits.

Positive people are gritty- Grit is a unique description for people who tend to outlast and outwit trouble. Grit is a combination of behaviors and thoughts that keep people determined to see things through to the end. Grit is a “whatever-it-takes” attitude that helps good people do hard things.

Curiosity is a hallmark of positivity- Positive people tend to have open minds. They embrace adversity, uncertainty, and change. They may not like them, but they accept them. Being curious allows for a wider range of thoughts, ideas, and options. This keeps them from a narrow-minded perspective that can create negativity when other people don’t fit a specific mold.

Positive people have self-control- It takes tremendous self-control to hold our tongues when we want to say something negative. Positive people don’t escape negativity, they tend to keep it under wraps. They seek to know more, withhold judgement, and wait and see before speaking. They don’t overreact or have knee-jerk negative reactions to things.

Positive people are smart about people- Being able to understand the social dynamics in a situation is a powerful skill. Positive people tend to be more socially intelligent than others. They can see bigger pictures, read between the lines, and often have the maturity to recognize a negative person and avoid reacting to them.

Positive people are full of gratitude- There are all sorts of ways to be grateful. Positive people tend to exude gratitude for all areas of life. From being grateful for a new day to being in awe of the sunset each evening, their gratitude fills any empty spaces created by negative events.

Being positive doesn’t boil down to one or two character traits. There’s a range of traits that most positive people share. Cultivate any of the traits you may already have and develop the ones that you may need to build a more positive life.

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