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Everyone Has a Negative Attitude Sometimes- Here’s the Rational Reasons Why

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

While being negative isn’t an ideal way to get through life, let’s be honest, everyone has a negative attitude sometimes. Negativity is part of the full spectrum of emotions and characteristics. Being down on something, worried, angry, judgmental, or pessimistic is going to happen. Especially when-

  • You’re exhausted

  • You’re overwhelmed

  • You’re stuck

There are circumstances when negativity is going to boil to the top and make life feel less optimistic. It’s normal! What you do about it is what matters most.

Exhaustion causes negativity- Humans do best when they get enough rest. Physical and emotional rest are the top reasons for self-care. You rarely see well-rested people being crabby over insignificant things. Being emotionally or physically tired can trigger negative thoughts, feelings, and actions in otherwise normally positive people. If you discover you or someone you love is expressing more negativity than normal, it might be related to their energy level. #takecareofyourself

Overwhelm causes negativity- When the world is on your shoulders it makes sense to be sad about it. Being negative during overwhelming times is an appropriate experience. Sadly, this negativity can come out in a wide variety of ways which could cause some problems. Overwhelmed people may be distracted by their personal situation and come across as rude, mean, or negative. If you recognize overwhelm in yourself or someone close to you, try to get a handle on the overwhelm. Reducing the stressors can make room for you to become more positive when the load gets lighter. While I don’t have all the answers, I do have a wealth of experience in this area. Book a free “Step Into Your Self-Worth” call to see if we can find you a solution.

Feeling stuck can cause negativity- Feeling stuck can lead to hopelessness and helplessness. This can ultimately lead to anxiety or depression. These almost always lead to a predominantly negative mindset. It’s almost impossible to feel good and happy when you feel stuck in cement, or worse, quicksand. If you or someone you love is feeling stuck, it may be time for professional help. Being stuck oftentimes looks like simply running out of ideas. Working with someone who has a fresh perspective or ideas to improve your situation can go a long way towards restoring your positive mindset.

As a positivity coach I work with a variety of mindset issues to help people get back on track with the life they want to lead. However, one thing I've realized is that negativity can play a huge roll in all mindset issues.

Book a free “Step Into Your Self-Worth” call to see if we can find you a solution.

Being negative is normal. It’s part of the full scope of a human experience. Luckily, being negative can be an indicator that something is going on. It can help you identify if you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, or feeling stuck. In this way, negativity is a symptom of a bigger issue. It makes sense to focus on the issue to resolve the negativity rather than emphasizing the negativity as the problem. If you recognize you feel negative, take a look at your situation and see if you need some rest, relief, or help solving a problem. If you don’t know what you are feeling or why you are feeling negative, working with a coach is a great first step.

Book a free “Step Into Your Self-Worth” call to see if we can find you a solution.

Blessings & Love,

Jen #thankfulheartscoaching

Ways we can work together:

1:1 or Group Coaching Packages

VIP Positivity Coaching--Learn new tips and tools to reframe your thinking, Gain valuable insight into why you do, say, and think what you do, and figure out how to re-write your story to fit who you are now and who you want to be going forward.

90 minute Breakthrough Session--This is a one-time session designed to help you work on a focused issue. A session like this is meant for targeted results.

Positivity Laser Coaching Package--Laser Coaching is different in that the accountability is on the client to fulfill the action steps and schedule the next call. The beauty of laser coaching is you have the option of 6 months or a year and you can schedule as many calls as you want in that time frame, as long as your actions steps are done. Laser Coaching calls are short 30 minute calls designed to get you support when and where you need it most.

Online Courses and Community:

Positively Empowering People (PEP)-- Positively Empowering People is a monthly subscription based program to help support, encourage and offer accountability when you need it most. In this program you have access to all my online courses, plus a community of people that are there to give you different perspectives and bounce ideas with.

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