How to Measure and Create Goals for Self-Love and Compassion

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Setting goals is a way to measure your progress. As you establish self-love and mindfulness into your daily routine, set goals. Even though self-love and compassion are abstract, you can create goals for them. We will break them down into measurable goals.

How to Measure Self Love and Compassion

Self-love and compassion are abstract and based on feelings, and it may seem hard to measure them. But there is a way! We may not be able to say, “I feel 100% self-love for myself today," We would have to compare that 100% feeling to days of experiencing less than 100% love. This can be difficult to measure.

Instead, we can use a scale of 0 - 10 to share how we are feeling.

· 0 would be a neutral state of feeling.

· 10 would be where we are feeling our absolute best for that day.

· 5 would be somewhere in the middle.

If you are feeling less than neutral, you can use a negative scale up to -10.

1. The way it works is that you think about how you are feeling. Use a scale from -10 to 0 and 0 to 10. Choose a number that you feel best represents how you feel.

2. This number will serve as your starting number. before you begin your self-love and mindfulness routine each day.

After finishing the self-love and mindfulness routine, ask yourself how you feel again. Base it on the scale. Be sure to write down the number. The chances are that your feeling will have improved.

How to Create Goals for Self-Love and Compassion

It’s essential to write down your goals for anything you want to change in your life. Without goals, you won’t know where you are heading, nor will you know once you get there. Goals give you something to work on and look forward to in the future. You can always change your goals once you reach them to have new things to work towards in the future.

Goals can also make you want to work harder to reach them. In the case of self-love and compassion, think about concrete goals such as:

· I want to add a routine of self-love and compassion to my daily routine for 30 days.

· I want to listen and practice one guided meditation every day on self-love for 30 days.

· I want to write a love letter to myself one time each week to encourage myself to get through each day.

You want to write goals that include one task, a goal in what you are working towards, and a measurable length of time.

Let’s break down these goals:

1. Start with “I want.”

2. Add an action verb. The examples used above are: add, listen, write

3. Include a task to perform. The examples used above are: routine, practice one guided meditation, and a love letter

4. Decide on a measurable length of time. The examples listed above are 30 days and one time each week.

What Are Your Goals?

Let’s perform meditation to find your goals right now.

1. Get into a comfortable position

2. Relax and close your eyes

3. Breathe in and out three times. Try to let your exhalation breath be longer than your in-breath.

4. Allow your body to relax and sink deeper, to be grounded where you are

5. Imagine that you are meeting an angel

6. In the angel’s hands is a scroll

7. The angel asks you to write three goals you would like to achieve now and hands you a pen