Increasing Your Passion for Life by Building Your Self-Esteam

Have you ever wished that you felt better about yourself? Maybe you’ve felt kind of “blah” about your life and where it’s going.

The good news is if you put your mind to it, you do have the power to grow your self-esteem! When you do, you’ll also, as a happy result, turn up your passion and galvanize your efforts to live the life you seek and deserve.

Over the next month I will show you actions to take in seven different areas of your life to achieve greater self-esteem:

  • Discover how your job can increase positive feelings about yourself.

  • How to use your thoughts to feel better about yourself

  • The importance of doing some physical and emotional “house-cleaning”

  • Engaging regularly in cherished activities to cultivate feelings of self-love and self-worth

  • In re-connecting with your life roles as a partner and parent, you’ll find your opinion of yourself improves quickly.

  • Your physical well-being is intimately aligned with what you think and believe about yourself, so we’ve included a chapter about how to enhance your physical self.

  • Finally, learn the powerful impact that recognizing your uniqueness can have on your efforts to increase your self-esteem.

Begin your journey now to construct self-esteem that will drive you to valiantly create the existence you’ve always dreamed of for you and your family.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

1. Apply Yourself at Work to Increase Your Self-Esteem

One of the main sources of your self-esteem as an adult is your career. Regardless of the kind of work you do, it’s important to recognize its value in your life.

Your job is the source of your livelihood. It provides much of the main structure to your existence. How you feel about your work plays a major role in how you feel about yourself.

Hopefully, you have a positive view of your career and put forth your best efforts at work. But even if you don’t, it’s time to realize its impact on your life. Your work can bring you positive experiences, feelings, and self-esteem if you choose to apply yourself.

Consider these points to galvanize your job efforts and pump up your self-esteem:

  1. Discover the value in working hard. No matter how you feel about your job, if you can re-frame it so you focus on your efforts, your self-esteem will improve. Whether you’re working diligently at filing and answering the phones or making as many sales calls as you can in a day, you’ll feel better about yourself.

  • At the end of the day, when you step back and look around at all you accomplished, you can’t help but have positive feelings.

  1. Learn to love your job. After all, someone somewhere benefits because of the work you complete. Work toward finding an inner peace related to your career.

  • Make a conscious decision to love your work. In order to allow yourself to love your job, let go of the negati