Inner Changes Lead to Outer Changes

6 Crucial Inner Changes That Lead to the Outer Changes You Desire

There’s little you can control in the world. Other people, the stock market, weather, or the price of tea in China are all outside of your influence. Fortunately, you can control yourself, and that’s all you need to control. Changing your inner world can lead to all the changes you wish to see in your life.

It can be hard to believe that changing your thoughts or attitude can make you healthy, wealthy, and wise, but making inner changes can have dramatic effects on every part of your life.

Enhance your life by making these internal changes:

Over the next 6 weeks we will be talking about these changes that you can make to have more peace and acceptance in your life. How you view failure, your values, your beliefs, your attitude, gratitude, and your thoughts.

This week I want to start with how you view failure.

How do you view failure? Do you view failure as an embarrassment? Is it something you should avoid at all costs? Does it send you into a tailspin and leave you feeling worthless for days or weeks on end?

What if you viewed failure as simply a step along the way to success? Failure just means that the approach you used didn’t work. It’s an opportunity to re-tool your process and try again. If you keep learning and making improvements, how can you possibly fail in the long-term?

The way you view failure is a big part of whether or not you’ll be a successful person.

How do you view failure? What view of failure would be useful to you?

If failure sends your world upside down, then I would encourage you to use some of the questions above as journal prompts. Give yourself some time and space to see what might come up for you. How does this so called failure sit with you? What is so important about it? Is there another way you could go about achieving your goal? Breathe into these questions and see what comes up for you. If you struggle finding out why this didn’t work, or even being able to sit quietly and let your soul find your answers, maybe working with a life coach would be a good next step. Let me know if I can be of assistance to you.

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