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My acts of kindness to others bring me happiness.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Welcome to week 4 of “Acts of Kindness”! I hope by now you are understanding how just performing small acts of kindness can improve your mental well-being, could make someone else’s day brighter and is just overall good for everyone! If you have been reading these but haven’t tried any of the ideas, it’s not too late to get started! Acts of kindness need to go on all year long not just during the holiday season. So anytime you are starting to feel gloomy I would challenge you to do something nice for someone else, it might just be the amazing pick me up you both need!

I enjoy doing little things for my friends and family. I do my best to make them feel special by tapping into what they like. I love to see their eyes light up with joy from receiving heartfelt little gifts.

I do things for my friends and family simply from my kind heart. I choose to bless other people’s lives with acts of kindness.

It brings my heart great joy to be generous. I am being my authentic self when I am in a state of kindness to self and others. Giving gifts is my love language and there is nothing that lights up my soul than to see the joy on someone’s face opening their gift.

I love to share gifts of flowers and various crafts that I make. This shows people I care enough to create something special and unique just for them.

It is so fun to give wholesome, homemade gifts to others.

Today, I choose acts of kindness. I notice who might benefit from my generosity. I feel my heart expand to encompass all plants, animals, people, and the Earth. I love this earthly experience. I love this Earth. May the love I share bless the lives of many.

Self-Reflection/journal Questions:

  1. How can doing something small for others light up their life?

  2. What acts of kindness can I share today?

  3. Who comes to mind that could use an act of kindness today?

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Blessing & Love,


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