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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

One of the best and easiest ways to set boundaries in your work life is to start with setting work hours. Take note: this is not just for your clients or coworkers to follow; this applies to you, too!

For example, if you set your hours as 9am-5pm Monday through Friday and you’re busy enough that you only have time for a lunch break, shut down your computer at 5:01pm and start to decompress. No answering emails after dinner. No working on your book until midnight. Enjoy your dinner; enjoy your family or friends; enjoy a hobby. Turn off your work brain before you suffer from burnout.

Did you get an awesome brainstorm idea while preparing dinner? Keep a notebook handy or type notes into your phone. You can review those notes tomorrow during business hours.

Not able to keep standard work hours due to family obligations? No worries. Use the time block philosophy where you schedule certain tasks during certain hours of the day. For instance, if you’re working early in the morning while the kids are still sleeping, use that time for writing your book or catching up on emails. Save your quiet time while the kids are at school for client calls.

Time blocking can also work to schedule one task for specific days. For example, there’s a popular podcaster who publishes new episodes DAILY and he schedules up to 10 interviews in one day to keep up with this schedule. Plan out a month of social media posts on the first of each month or plan out the next 4-6 months of newsletter topics one day each quarter. If you have a slow day, devote the rest of that day to planning other tasks.

If weekends are sacred family time, tell your family that you’re unplugging each weekend and have them hold you accountable. Your work will still exist without you being plugged in constantly.

Once you set up your work boundaries, it’s time to tell your coworkers or clients. No, you can’t text me at 11pm and expect an answer. No, I will not answer emails or help you strategize your next step over the weekend. Your boundaries – whatever they may be – will only work if you tell people what they are and you force them to adhere to them.

It's not enough to say you don't want to work 60 hours per week. You have to hold yourself accountable to that rule as well. Set reasonable boundaries on your own time and stick to it. Trust me you will get more accomplished overall by setting healthy boundaries!

Blessings & Love,


Ways we can work together:

1:1 or Group Coaching Packages

VIP Coaching--Reset Your Mindset in 90 days--Learn new tips and tools to reframe your thinking, Gain valuable insight into why you do, say, and think what you do, and figure out how to re-write your story to fit who you are now and who you want to be going forward.

90 minute Breakthrough Session--This is a one time session designed to help you work on a focused issue. A session like this is meant for targeted results.

Mindset Laser Coaching Package--Laser Coaching is different in that the accountability is on the client to fulfill the action steps and schedule the next call. The beauty of laser coaching is you have the option of 6 months or a year and you can schedule as many calls as you want in that time frame, as long as your actions steps are done. Laser Coaching calls are short 30 minute calls designed to get you support when and where you need it most.

Online Courses and Community:

Mindset Masters Program-- Mindset Masters program is an monthly subscription based program to help support, encourage and offer accountability when you need it most. In this program you have access to all my online courses, plus a community of people that are there to give you different perspectives and bounce ideas with.

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