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Top Benefits of Living More Simply

If you are anything like me, you tend to be busy, busy, busy. One thing that living in a Covid world has taught me, is that sometimes it’s okay to be busy, but really living simply and just relaxing is much more beneficial overall.

There are many benefits to simple living, and everyone has different reasons for choosing to change up their life. But there are definitely some recurring benefits that you see on almost everyone’s “reasons to simplify” list. See which of these could motivate you to choose this lifestyle.

More time—Everyone would like more time, but 24 hours each day is all we get. So using this time on the things that are really important to us is of the essence. When you say “no” to more activities and obligations, you have less stuff to maintain, and you end up with more time to live the life you want to live.

#Lessstress—Along with more time, people are desperately seeking ways to lessen the amount of stress they have in their daily lives. Fewer obligations, less doing and fewer possessions mean there’s less overall to deal with. You can even simplify the number or types of people you hang out with. People who are always giving you their negative energy can be weeded out so that you have more time to spend with people who bring real value to your life.

More focused energy—Much of our limited time seems to be eaten up by responsibilities and obligations that add very little, if anything, to our lives. Once we simplify how much we do and have, we have the time and energy to focus on the things that are the most important to us, like family, lifelong learning, or hobbies.

Less debt—In our materialistic world, we are constantly bombarded with ads telling us if we only have this product, we will be happier. In an attempt to gain that elusive joy for ourselves, we “buy into” sales gimmicks that leave us with little but debt. Dedication to living more simply means we have less desire to impulse spend because we are spending our time doing fun stuff, so our happiness naturally increases. And since we are hanging onto less stuff, we are no longer willing to “own” things we don’t need…especially on credit.

More freedom—When you start to let go of the mountains of burdens you have taken on in the form of overworking, overspending, and overextending yourself, you suddenly feel free. Maybe for the first time in your life! You begin to recognize the trap that you’ve been in, simply because society told you it was the way to happiness and fulfillment. True happiness comes from the freedom of doing less so you can be more.

If this all seems like too much and you aren’t sure where to start, then I would encourage you to start small. Pick one of the examples and start there, or if you feel like you have too much clutter to live simply, then pick 1 area to declutter. Don’t try to do it all at once. Maybe start with your kitchen table or your nightstand, anywhere you tend to just “dump” things. And don’t just move them to a different place, actually find a “home” for those things (even if that home is the trash or recycling box). If you want more help with this, feel free to book a FREE “Step into Your Worth” call and let’s see how working together might help you declutter.

Blessings & Love,


Ways we can work together:

1:1 or Group Coaching Packages

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Mindset Laser Coaching Package--Laser Coaching is different in that the accountability is on the client to fulfill the action steps and schedule the next call. The beauty of laser coaching is you have the option of 6 months or a year and you can schedule as many calls as you want in that time frame, as long as your actions steps are done. Laser Coaching calls are short 30 minute calls designed to get you support when and where you need it most.

Online Courses and Community:

Mindset Masters Program-- Mindset Masters program is a monthly subscription based program to help support, encourage and offer accountability when you need it most. In this program you have access to all my online courses, plus a community of people that are there to give you different perspectives and bounce ideas with.

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