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Watch Your Thoughts!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

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id it!! We are on our finally week of the 6 crucial inner changes that lead to the outer changes you desire! How are you noticing your life changing? What changes have you implemented during these past few weeks?

The last change we want to make are our thoughts. While thoughts are a lot like attitude, they still deserve their own space because they are probably the most important of all the changes to make! Did you know that every time you have a thought your brain starts to believe it? So if you are in the habit of telling yourself negative things about yourself, your brain, after a while, will make sure that you are those thoughts. For example, I spent most of my life thinking, and telling myself, I wasn’t smart. I didn’t get the best grades in school and because I told myself I wasn’t smart enough to understand it all, I didn’t allow myself to even try to understand it. When others would try to tell me I was smart I would justify it with I am “street” smart not “book” smart. What does that even mean? To me it meant I was smart enough to be self sufficient, because I was at a pretty young age, but I wasn’t able to get the good grades that all the people who I considered smart were getting.

I finally got tired one day of feeling dumb and so I started telling myself I was smart and I could do anything. And do you know what? Accomplishing tasks started to come easier, I was able to go back to college and get my degree, with honors, I might add. I had spent so many years telling myself I was not smart that my brain just thought I couldn’t learn anymore. Nothing could further from the truth.

What do you tell yourself? It could be I am not pretty, I am not worthy, I will never be as good as that person, or even I can’t do it. Well today is the day to turn those thoughts around, make them positive and empowering and start crushing everything you want in this life! Because the truth is you can do it, you are smart enough, you are worthy, you are beautiful & honestly you do deserve it!

My challenge for you is to listen to your thoughts today and anytime you hear a negative dis-empowering thought jot it down, so that when you have some time you can re-phrase it and tell yourself the empowering thought you need to! Start now and start living the life you want!

If you enjoyed this 6 week series and you would like to work deeper to have the life you have always wanted, then click here to schedule a clarity call and let’s find out if we are a fit to work together and what your next best steps are!

Blessings & Love,


Ways we can work together:

1:1 or Group Coaching Packages

VIP Coaching--Reset Your Mindset in 90 days--Learn new tips and tools to reframe your thinking, Gain valuable insight into why you do, say, and think what you do, and figure out how to re-write your story to fit who you are now and who you want to be going forward.

90 minute Breakthrough Session--This is a one time session designed to help you work on a focused issue. A session like this is meant for targeted results.

Mindset Laser Coaching Package--Laser Coaching is different in that the accountability is on the client to fulfill the action steps and schedule the next call. The beauty of laser coaching is you have the option of 6 months or a year and you can schedule as many calls as you want in that time frame, as long as your actions steps are done. Laser Coaching calls are short 30 minute calls designed to get you support when and where you need it most.

Online Courses and Community:

Mindset Masters Program-- Mindset Masters program is an monthly subscription based program to help support, encourage and offer accountability when you need it most. In this program you have access to all my online courses, plus a community of people that are there to give you different perspectives and bounce ideas with.

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