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Welcome and Why it’s More Important than Ever to Find Calm

Thank you so much for joining me on this 30 Days of Creating Calm Challenge. Welcome! I'm thrilled you've decided to come along on this month-long journey to discover a life of peace you may not have known could exist. This may sound like an exaggeration, but it's truly not.

In today’s fast-moving, hectic world, it can feel impossible to maintain calm in your life. However, I promise it is possible. The basic resources for creating serenity have remained the same overtime. The good news is, with just a few tips and tools, you can gain control of the chaos that seems to constantly surround you.

That's not to say it will be easy. After all, you have a lot of obligations. There will always be people, tasks, deadlines, and other obligations clamoring for your attention. It can be tough to tune out all the distractions and to focus on one thing at a time. Overtime, all the extra noise can drastically increase your stress levels.

One of the biggest reasons for our stress is that there is disarray and discord throughout our lives, along with the pressing obligations weighing on our shoulders. It can all become too much to bear. During this challenge, I'll walk you through the various areas of your life and show you how to take charge of the never-ending pandemonium that confronts you on a daily basis.


We'll start with clutter. Whether it's at home, on the job, or in your mind, clutter is a huge obstacle to calm. Your immediate surroundings also play a big role in how you feel at any one moment. When all you see is mess and disorganization, it's bound to affect you in a negative way. This same idea applies to technological clutter. The barrage of smartphone alerts and ever-present media can have you on-edge and out-of-sorts.

In addition to showing you the (sometimes unexpected) ways your life can be consumed by chaos, I'll share with you concrete methods for addressing them. Through this challenge, you’ll discover tools for taking control of your life's disarray, no matter what the source. Journaling, meditation, morning routines, streamlining, organization, and other techniques are just the beginning of taking back your life and creating calm.

While life can seem like a free-for-all sometimes, there are still ways to regain control. Understanding what leads to the chaos and learning simple strategies to deal with the source can go far toward creating a calmer world, at least your corner of it. Join me for a journey that I feel confident will lead to great things for you. I'm happy and honored to have you along with me. Watch for tomorrow’s blog post for ways to help clear the physical clutter.

Blessings & Love,

Jen #thankfulheartscoaching

Ways we can work together:

1:1 or Group Coaching Packages

VIP Positivity Coaching--Learn new tips and tools to reframe your thinking, Gain valuable insight into why you do, say, and think what you do, and figure out how to re-write your story to fit who you are now and who you want to be going forward.

90 minute Breakthrough Session--This is a one-time session designed to help you work on a focused issue. A session like this is meant for targeted results.

Positivity Laser Coaching Package--Laser Coaching is different in that the accountability is on the client to fulfill the action steps and schedule the next call. The beauty of laser coaching is you have the option of 6 months or a year and you can schedule as many calls as you want in that time frame, as long as your actions steps are done. Laser Coaching calls are short 30 minute calls designed to get you support when and where you need it most.

Online Courses and Community:

Positively Empowering People (PEP)-- Positively Empowering People is a monthly subscription based program to help support, encourage and offer accountability when you need it most. In this program you have access to all my online courses, plus a community of people that are there to give you different perspectives and bounce ideas with.

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