When is the Last Time You’ve Played?

Updated: Jun 16

Do you ever feel guilty when you take the time to sit around, read a good book, or take a nap? That’s because in today's busy world, there's a stigma against relaxation. We're taught that hard work is equivalent to being a good, productive citizen. While a work ethic is important, it's also crucial to understand that your brain needs to relax in order to function at its best. Allowing our minds to wander and taking time for leisure are critical to our productivity. Without doing so, you're prone to burnout and frustration. Follow these tips to put more play into your life and feel more rejuvenated.

Play a Game

Yes, I mean an actual game. The kind doesn't matter, as there are benefits to all sorts of games. Board games bring people together, allowing you to connect in a social manner and spend time with people who matter. You also get to use your brain in different ways such as through focusing on strategy or logic. These brainy benefits come through solo games, too. Even a crossword puzzle is a chance to rev up different parts of your brain that you don’t ordinarily use throughout your day.If you prefer an electronic option, online games come with benefits as well. You may even find a digital game that involves opponents or co-players from around the world.


Hang Out with the Kids

If you have your own children or other important kids in your life, you may find that life's obligations have gotten in the way of spending quality time with them. Making time to play with them can restore the connection you've been missing, and you can have fun while doing it. Kids of all ages have a different perspective on the world than adults. Taking time to play a game or engage in some other leisure activity with them lets you look at the world from a whole new vantage point, which can do wonders for your mood.

Engage in Your Favorite Activity

Choose your favorite activity for unwinding. Even if that's watching TV, allow yourself the small pleasure of enjoying a great program. Reading a book, heading to the movies, or picking up a hobby like knitting are also good choices. Anything that allows you to escape the stressors of your daily life will do the trick for helping you unwind with enjoyment. If it's something you like and think is fun, do it!

I'd like to close by letting you know it's okay if your “fun” and relaxation come from doing nothing at all. Taking a moment with yourself and your thoughts might actually be one of the best ways to unwind. It's definitely something most of us don't do often enough. Make your choice and start playing today. You'll feel so much better.

Blessings & Love,

Jen #thankfulheartscoaching

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