Empowered Thinking

Empowered Thinking

Relax Your Anxious Thoughts


All or Nothing thinking is similar to thinking in a black-and-white manner. This thought pattern is highly stressful because it is harshly unforgiving towards yourself and other people.


People with All or Nothing thought patterns will downplay their achievements. Should they close a sales deal for example, they will discount it and say that it happened by 'luck' or the client was simply 'being nice' to them.


People and life situations can be complex. Rarely anything in life is 100% 'good' or 100% 'bad'. 


Examples of All or Nothing thinking:


  • I should give my 100% in this project and it has to be the best - or might as well not do it at all
  • If I eat one more cookie, my diet is totally destroyed.
  • I should be a raving success at work / business - if not, I am a worthless person
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