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Live Weekly Guided Meditations

Join me every Monday and Wednesday morning for a quick guided meditation to start your week and day off right.  
These meditations will be recorded and posted to our group page for you to use anytime you need them.  


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You're About To...
  • Feel more confident in your own skin...when your confidence starts to grow, you will begin to realize how blessed you are.  As a result, things will start falling into place for you and you will be able to continue to build on that sense of confidence.
  • Feel more relaxed and need to stress out over what will happen, because you will know that things are working out for you. 
  • Heal yourself...bringing gratitude into your life will create a wholeness in you that was missing 
  • Attract more of what you want...a daily meditation practice will change your attitude and mindset so that you will feel amazing.  When you feel this way you will become clear on what you want and start attracting it.  
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