Meant For More Program

As a Positivity Coach, my current client base is women who are tired of  just going through the motions.  These women are in need of support and accountability with making adjustments, learning who they are and what their value is to create a better mindset which in turn creates a better life. If this is you or someone you know, I have 4 life coaching programs available to nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and inspire you to achieve your individual life goals. I join my clients on their individual journeys in overcoming feelings of undervalue, inadequacy, mediocrity, overwhelm, and general exhaustion with life, and moving into a space of balance, renewal, and increased sense of life purpose.  


For clients who struggle with self-worth and self-confidence, I bring techniques to regain empowerment through self-recognition, self-care, and self-love. I provide my clients with exercises and re-framed ways of thinking about themselves, and I stay beside them through the twists and turns of the self-love journey. For clients dealing with high stress levels, I bring resources for relaxation and cultivating inner peace, as well as how to better manage stress on a day-to-day basis. My skill set extends to clients who suffer from anxiety, where we work on how to bring greater awareness to the anxiety itself, give it space to exist, then regain control over it by finding ways back to a calm and balanced state. I make myself deeply aware of each client’s personal needs and will act accordingly to ensure that each person I work with is on the right path to unlocking their full potential.


Work with me

VIP Positivity Coaching, is a 90 day program designed to help you move from feeling deflated to finding your self-worth!  We will identify who has been undervaluing you, the stories of inadequacy you have developed and how long you have been living this way.  Then we can start the recovery process of your new story of self-worth and begin your transformation into who you want to be!

This coaching program is designed to be used as 1:1 coaching, however it can also be used in a group coaching format.  If you need more accountability then 1:1 coaching is where you should be.  If you are pretty good at follow through then the group program might be a great solution for you. 

​This program will provide you with:

1. A sense of clarity regarding who you are, what you want your life to look like, and what experiences you most desire. 

2. An awareness of who, or what, may be deflating your confidence and self-worth

3. Effective tactics of prioritizing what is most important to you 

4. Reframed thinking techniques and clear-cut plans for clearing out negativity in your life 

5. The inspiration, awareness, and tools to start for you to be in your best mindset daily!

Positively Empowering People (PEP) 

This program will help you reset your ways of thinking, reframe your mindset to be more positive, and clear the clutter in your mind so you can truly prioritize your goals. This program will allow you several ways to do this, there are courses available, 1:1 coaching and a community page with weekly action steps and others to help hold you accountable and support you! 

PEP, gives you access to all of my courses so that you can dig as deeply as you would like into learning new information.  There are also packages you can purchase to have 1:1 coaching with me during your time in the program.  Purchasing a 1:1 coaching package will allow you to really tap into the areas you are struggling most. 

This is a monthly program so you can join for one month or stay as long as you like.  

Breakthrough Session

I seek clients who are aware that change needs to happen in their life, and are committed to the work it takes to make that change happen. If you are aware that a change needs to occur, ready to put in the efforts needed for transformation, and prepared to elevate your expectations of yourself and be held accountable, this program is for you. 

The Breakthrough session is a one-time session to help you tackle an issue that is really blocking you.  This is not meant for on-going sessions with me, to do that check out my Mindset Laser Coaching or my VIP Mindset Coaching. 

Your Breakthrough Session will give you the tools to cultivate manageable and long-lasting mindset changes, and enforce the techniques necessary to keep you on track in your journey to your self-worth. 

This session is a good option if:

  • You feel like your life is moving quickly but you’re stuck at a stand still

  • You feel a sense of discomfort or unworthiness in your own skin 

  • You are dealing with constant stress and/or anxiety and need tools to bring about inner peace and stress-management techniques 

Positivity Laser Coaching

If you're looking to feel more empowered, find your self-worth, or just feel plain better in your skin, I've got a Mindset Laser Coaching program that will get you there:

 Step One: Uncover the reasons you feel anxious, inadequate, unappreciated, blocked, stress (insert your emotion that keeps you stuck here) so you can begin to understand the story that keeps you stuck.

Step Two: Focus on your strengths in order to re-write your story to be in alignment with who you are.

Step Three: Dream!  Which allows you to set new goals and start working to achieve them!

Step Four: We put it all together so that you understand why you get stuck and how we can change our story to better fit who we are and where we want to go on this journey that is our life!

This is perfect for the person who doesn't need a lot of hand holding and is willing and ready to action to make changes in their lives! 

Laser coaching is different from any of my other coaching programs in that they are short coaching sessions when you really need them.  There will be action steps along the way that need to be done before we can move forward.  This package comes in 6 and 12 month increments.