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I Encourage clients to develop a deep understanding of their own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs which can foster personal growth and self-awareness, enabling them to make more informed choices and navigate their lives with greater clarity and authenticity.

Meet Jennifer

Welcome to Thankful Hearts Coaching!  Jennifer, an Accountability Mindset Coach helps women create balance in their lives by setting boundaries, managing anxiety and stress, and creating habits of mindfulness and joy. Learn how to streamline their values and achieve success in their lives that is in alignment with their values. 

Women often struggle to find balance between taking care of loved ones and taking care of themselves.

This can lead to burnout, stress, and difficulty achieving their goals, or even knowing what their goals and dreams are anymore.  These women find themselves feeling stuck in their current situation, not knowing how to move forward.   

​But don't worry, Jennifer has a solution.  

The Mindful Habit Academy provides the tools and resources to help women create balance in their lives by streamlining their values. Through this program, they will gain the confidence and clarity they need to achieve consistency and success in both their professional and personal lives.

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Mindful Habits Academy

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Mindful Habits Academy is a unique group coaching program designed to help women understand and accept the importance of their own purpose in life. Through cultivating self-awareness, we guide clients to deeply understand their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, enabling them to take ownership of their lives. With the help of our Accountability Mindset Coach, you can create mindful habits and gain the clarity and confidence to manifest your dreams. Schedule a FREE, no obligation call today to learn how Mindful Habits Academy can help you reach your goals

Master Your Habits Accountability Coaching

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Master Your Habits Accountability Coaching provides personalized guidance and support to help you develop an accountability mindset. Our service includes 20 quick 15-minute almost daily check-in sessions a month that will help you create lasting habits and reach your goals. With our professional guidance and support, you’ll be able to stay on track and make meaningful progress towards your desired outcome.

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by people who constantly

demand your attention and energy?

Have you ever felt like you're fading into the background, unnoticed,

and unheard?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of not having your voice heard?

Have you ever struggled with fear dictating your choices and actions?

Have you ever lost your confidence along the way?

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed by the relentless pressure of having too much to do and too little time?

If you're currently facing these challenges, please understand that you're not alone, and there is a path to overcome them and reclaim your inner strength.

For years, I worked in various jobs where my skills were often undervalued, and I was expected to go above and beyond without receiving the recognition and support I deserved. Meanwhile, my colleagues who did less than expected were celebrated for their efforts. Stuck in this cycle, I started questioning my decisions and outlook on life. Despite being naturally happy and optimistic, this cycle turned me bitter and negative, leading me to engage in complaints and gossip more frequently. It drained me emotionally and physically. I eventually realized that I was unhappy, but I didn't fully grasp how deeply miserable I had become. I had grown accustomed to this way of living and was unaware that things could be different.

Women infront of laptop placing head on the keyboard due to frustration

You know what really helped me? Figuring out and sticking to my own values. It's like I created a "life mission statement" for myself. I stopped putting up with things and people that didn't align with what I wanted in my life. I set new standards and started prioritizing myself.

And guess what? Putting myself first doesn't mean I'm selfish. It doesn't mean I can't do things for others or care about them. It just means I take care of my own well-being and mental health while also loving and taking care of the people I choose to support. I realized that I'm not responsible for everyone, and neither are you!

Women in beige suit sitting on beige chair wearing glasses and journaling in book

This has been a life changer for me and if you need this, I want it to be a life changer for you too!  I want to work side by side with you, however we decide together that should look like, and help you set your own mission statement, by creating your nonnegotiable values, creating your boundaries, and putting more balance into your life!  

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Leesa M. Arizona

My time with Jennifer came at a time when I thought the world (and myself!) would easily fall apart, and it certainly felt that way with the pandemic.  I am a busy wife and mom with three amazing and demanding teenagers and a hard working husband.  Meeting their daily needs as well as mine had become a challenge ... and honestly, it came to the point where I was in constant overwhelm.  That state quickly turned to paralysis in every area of my life ... I was just going through the motions.  Once I began my sessions with Jennifer, I finally was able to see a sliver of hope and light at the end of the tunnel.  She helped me implement very simple strategies that I continue to do weekly or daily and I have noticed significant changes in MANY areas of my life.  She also always goes the extra mile and records our sessions and provides me with a typed transcript of sorts for me to always refer back to so I can utilize these exercises for as long as I choose.  That is invaluable, and her constant state of joy and encouragement is always something I look forward to.  Lastly, she makes herself available to those she serves by emailing and/or messaging back right away, and always has that "pep in her step" regarding to the words she chooses to pour into you.  The service Jennifer provides is so life-changing that I am seriously considering her serving my two older daughters to jump start their new adult lives as they both prepare to leave the nest.  Thank you, Jennifer ... you have changed my life and I cannot wait to see you edify many more!!!

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