Helping you improve your mindset is my passion!  Watching you succeed is my delight! 

Hello! I am Jennifer, a Positivity Coach that works with women who are tired of simply going through the motions of daily life, feeling blah about most everything and instead they know there's got to be more.  So, through my Meant for More Process, I help these women reclaim their dreams and create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.  

What they learn are:

  • Ways to create boundaries or better boundaries, so that they start to see the value they have inside them & know it's worth protecting

  • Tools to help them notice when their anxiety is at a peak, so that they can take the proper steps to minimize it.  

  • We work together to figure out what their story is that is holding them back from finding their true value

  • Get rid of negative self-talk and negative self-image

  • They get rid of the burdens that are weighing them down

  • ​Find value in their lives, so that they have a better respect for who they are and what they have to offer this world

And of course, each person is different, so we dig deep into where each person has been and what they truly want out of their life!

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Have you ever felt...

  • That nothing you say or do is good enough? 

  • That people don't see you?

  • That you aren't heard?

  • That fear controls your decision making?

  • That you have lost all your confidence?

If you are feeling this way, you are not alone and there is hope to refill yourself…

I spent many years working jobs where I was not always appreciated for my talents, yet expected to over perform and function with little to no gratitude, while other co-workers got away with doing less than expected and were praised for their “efforts”.   Staying in this rut caused me to start doubting every decision I made.  I had always been a very happy and positive person, but by allowing myself to live in this rut, I was allowing my mindset to change and not for the better, and I was getting very bitter.  I found myself complaining more and spending time gossiping and just being generally negative.  This was very draining on me, not only emotionally but also physically.  The thing was, I knew I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t realize I was so miserable.  I had grown used to feeling this way and I didn’t know my life could be any different. 

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I won't sugar coat anything, it took me a long time to learn I didn't have to let others walk all over me.  I didn't have to take whatever they were dishing out just because it was in the workplace.  Over time, I learned to stand up for myself, I learned to find my own value and self-worth.  I learned that those other people were sometimes right but most of the time they were wrong about what I could do and what they should "expect" out of me.  I learned to trust myself and my intuition.  And I started setting boundaries.  Boundaries that protect my energy, my health, my mental well-being.  I learned how important I am in my own universe.  There is no one else like me.  I have value and deserve to be seen!

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I wouldn't trade my learning experiences for anything, because without them, I wouldn't be the person I am today, ready to help you make the changes in your life.  Find your value and self-worth!  Support, encourage and hold you accountable on your journey!   Just like me, there is no one else like you. You have value and deserve to be seen and heard.  I want to help you "patch" the stories in your life that have deflated you and create new stories that inspire you and fill you up with joy, love and hope! 

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Positively Empowering People (PEP) 







Jessica N.  Nebraska

I first met Jennifer when I purchased a self care kit that she was promoting around Thanksgiving 2020. Self care sounded fabulous right about then. The kit was great-but the 2 months of laser coaching that came with was even better. I was hesitant for the experience because I knew what I wanted, and what I didn't want and I truly feared maybe I was too "broken" for a coach and she would tell me to find a counselor. Of course-that wasn't the case and Jennifer is an amazing coach! In fact 2 months wasn't enough...6 more months here I come! I made the decision to invest in myself, to go after my truth and step into my power-and I am so excited! 


Leesa M.  Arizona

My time with Jennifer came at a time when I thought the world (and myself!) would easily fall apart, and it certainly felt that way with the pandemic.  I am a busy wife and mom with three amazing and demanding teenagers and a hard working husband.  Meeting their daily needs as well as mine had become a challenge ... and honestly, it came to the point where I was in constant overwhelm.  That state quickly turned to paralysis in every area of my life ... I was just going through the motions.  Once I began my sessions with Jennifer, I finally was able to see a sliver of hope and light at the end of the tunnel.  She helped me implement very simple strategies that I continue to do weekly or daily and I have noticed significant changes in MANY areas of my life.  She also always goes the extra mile and records our sessions and provides me with a typed transcript of sorts for me to always refer back to so I can utilize these exercises for as long as I choose.  That is invaluable, and her constant state of joy and encouragement is always something I look forward to.  Lastly, she makes herself available to those she serves by emailing and/or messaging back right away, and always has that "pep in her step" regarding to the words she chooses to pour into you.  The service Jennifer provides is so life-changing that I am seriously considering her serving my two older daughters to jump start their new adult lives as they both prepare to leave the nest.  Thank you, Jennifer ... you have changed my life and I cannot wait to see you edify many more!!!


Marissa M. Canada

Jen is a wonderful coach. She is always grounded, present, really connected to me and my experience. I feel truly heard, she knows exactly what to ask me to get me thinking deeper about the meaning of a topic or thought I'm having. She has provided me the space to share without feeling judged. Jen is a great wellness coach who is heart-centered, focused on me achieving my goals, and really believes in me. She is a masterful coach and I highly recommend connecting with her!

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