Helping you improve your mindset is my passion!  Watching you succeed is my delight! 

Hello, I'm Jennifer

Have you ever felt...

  • That nothing you say or do is good enough? 

  • That people don't see you?

  • That you aren't heard?

  • That fear controls your decision making?

  • That you have lost all your confidence?

If you are feeling this way, you are not alone and there is hope to refill yourself…

I spent many years working jobs where I was not always appreciated for my talents, yet expected to over perform and function with little to no gratitude, while other co-workers got away with doing less than expected and were praised for their “efforts”.   Staying in this rut caused me to start doubting every decision I made.  I had always been a very happy and positive person, but by allowing myself to live in this rut, I was allowing my mindset to change and not for the better, and I was getting very bitter.  I found myself complaining more and spending time gossiping and just being generally negative.  This was very draining on me, not only emotionally but also physically.  The thing was, I knew I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t realize I was so miserable.  I had grown used to feeling this way and I didn’t know my life could be any different. 


I won't sugar coat anything, it took me a long time to learn I didn't have to let others walk all over me.  I didn't have to take whatever they were dishing out just because it was in the workplace.  Over time, I learned to stand up for myself, I learned to find my own value and self-worth.  I learned that those other people were sometimes right but most of the time they were wrong about what I could do and what they should "expect" out of me.  I learned to trust myself and my intuition.  And I started setting boundaries.  Boundaries that protect my energy, my health, my mental well-being.  I learned how important I am in my own universe.  There is no one else like me.  I have value and deserve to be seen! 


I wouldn't trade my learning experiences for anything, because without them, I wouldn't be the person I am today, ready to help you make the changes in your life.  Find your value and self-worth!  Support, encourage and hold you accountable on your journey!   Just like me, there is no one else like you! You have value and deserve to be seen and heard!  I want to help you "patch" the stories in your life that have deflated you and create new stories that inspire you and fill you up with joy, love and hope!   

As a Transformational Mindset Coach, when I work with people who are struggling in some of the same areas I have struggled in, I am able to show them a way out of that pain; a new way to handle those situations. 

What they learn are:

  • Ways to handle stress, whether it be family, workplace or everyday stress

  • Tools to effectively learn how to be assertive and ask for what they need

  • We work together to figure out what their story is that is holding them back from finding their true value

  • Get rid of negative self-talk and negative self-image

  • They get rid of the burdens that are weighing them down

And of course, each person is different, so we dig deep into where each person has been and what they truly want out of their life!

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